Street Cred in Gunnedah – July 2019

“Whaddya mean Baranaby’s not coming Nige?” a near hysterical Lucky squeeled, “He’s our best street cred, our only street cred. How’re we gonna order those big beers we always get if he’s not there???” “Yeah nuh, rest assured Lucky” and, turning to Moey, “Don’t worry Numnuts, I’ll do the ordering” replied Nige, pumping himself up […]

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Missing Persons – January 2019

‘So what time will Sideways be getting here fellas?” Asked Lucky, forgetting all about Sideway’s nasty crash a month or so earlier. ” Well now Lucky, Uncie Bob fell down remember? and he lives on a farm now because the naughty doctors said his insides are still a bit too sore to ride motorcycles anymore.” […]

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Bill & Todd’s Excellent Adventure Take 2

Scrounger and Nige met at the usual haunt and we had old man coffee and old man raisin toast and then we talked about where we were actually going and how to get there and then we went and looked at our bikes and then Nige politely commented on how old and shitty Scrounger’s GS […]

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A Graunchy ride to Hill End – January 2018

“So what’s at Hill End Nige? Will there be swings for us to play on?” Lucky was pretty sure he knew the answer to this but was still hopeful he could avoid an afternoon/evening of drinking too much beer. “Of course there’ll be swings Lucky and hooly-hoops and a merry-go-round but first there must be […]


We Love You Markeeeeee!!!!!! October 2016

And so it was raining. Nothing new about that. So there we were all draped in gladwrap. The MotoGp ride was on again and this time we headed west again for the first time ever to Bathurst and the Knickerbocker….again. Nige, Lucky, Mohawke, Sideways, and Black Santa. All with varying degrees of permission from wives. […]

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So Whose Really Running This Show? A Lazy one to Rylstone – January 2015

Controversial? Certainly, but with a decreasing number of weekend rides and some distances between overnighters there was always going to be trouble. When Lucky called for troops for a lazy ride out to Rylstone hands went up everywhere to join in. A new rider was invited along and, rather than wait for a club name […]

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North Coast

Madge and I packed our winter woolies, donned multiple layers and headed north. First stop was Gloucester where a hot drink at The Roadwarriors Cafe was useful in warming the cockles of the heart. Onward and upwards to the lookout before arriving in Walcha where it wasn’t very cold overnight at all. The next morning […]

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Ride this Sunday 27July

Forget the Ulysses boys, Niges ride again!!! I’m so pumped for a ride down the Putty to the Greygums I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps Tuggerah at 8.30 and leave at 9. All welcome.

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Top speed comparison at Mugello

Best and worst top speeds for all three classes after Friday free practice (2) for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, which contains the quickest straight on the calendar. MotoGP: Fastest: Hector Barbera (Ducati) 346.7km/h (215.4mph) Slowest: Danilo Petrucci (Ioda CRT) 302.6km/h (188.0mph) Moto2:* Fastest: Pol Espargaro (Pons Kalex) 289.9km/h (180.1mph) Slowest: Elena Rosell (Moriwaki) […]

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The Celebration of Retirement Ride

The Celebration of Retirement Ride On the 26th of May Mohawk, Nige, Johnny Killswitch and DD gathered at Tuggerah McDonalds for the inaugural Celebration of Retirement Ride. The forecast was highly favourable with unseasonally warm weather. After some trivial banter and venting we headed off with high expectations (he was a late inclusion in the […]

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