Nige – Club President/Nazi of everything, Ninja Register Co-ordinator

Brizzer – Vice President/Uniform Nazi, Boot specialist

Scrounger – Club Secretary, Ducati Register Co-ordinator

Baron – Club Sweeper & Preferred Landscaper/Token Surfer Boy & R-Series member

Mohawk – Club Treasurer/Kawasaki Register Co-ordinator

Brettski – Club Cripple, Cultural Adviser, resident wine buff and Standards Observer

DD a.k.a Wise Dave - Club Chaplain/Fixtures Officer

DDa.k.a Wise Dave & Black Santa, Club Chaplain/Fixtures Officer

Killswitch – Club Ethics Officer, Coiffure & Honda Register member

Keys – Club Trip Co-ordinator & Travel Agent, R-Series Register member

Droopy - Yamaha Register Coordinator/Breakdown Recovery Specialist

Droopy – Club Breakdown Recovery Specialist

Fingers – Club Medical Officer, R-Series Register member

Lucky – Chief Liquids Inspector, Hyabusa Register

Sideways Bob – Club Building Inspector, Hyabusa Register member

Spaceman – Club Fire Officer, Kawasaki Register member

Toolman – Club Maintenance Officer, Kawasaki Register member

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