Nearly To Bright. A Friendly Ride Through Victoria. April 2013.

“Morning fellas. Hey listen,are we going to Bright on this ride? Cos that’d be bonzer and we never quite got there last time remember?” asked DD excitedly Monday morning at Maccas West Gosford. “Yep DD, it’s definitely in our travel plans. Don’t you worry about that.” Replied Mohawk with a sly grin and a knowing […]


The Interlopers

Unable to join the “The Intrepid Three” (TIT) for the start we motored down the ‘big road’ on Wednesday to meet up with the TITs. Joining me on the first of hopefully many Nige rides was Jeremy on his new Harley (only picked up the night before we left). We rendezvoused at Ingleburn and enjoyed […]


What’s Goin’ On?


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