Calling All Cars!

To those lining up for Vic ride, it would be advisable to pack wet gear, some warm clothes and a spare pair of smalls. Thursday will see a few showers on route and cold morning set offs. Let me know of any probs asap. see you all at Maccas Tuggerah at 7:15sish for 7:30 off..


Greygums. Ahh the serenity.

So anyway we all decided since the weather was good and the roads were dry to retrace our steps to one of our favourite places. Nige bought along a new friend, Ajax, on a GS800 and he thought we were all “lovely, just lovely”. Nige, Ajax, Ant, Sideways, Mohawk, and Lucky headed out right on […]


Greygums anyone????

Wouldn’t mind a run down the Putty to Greygums on Sunday morning. Meet at Maccas 8.30 for a 9 start.

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