Time Gentlemen Please!

BUTT WEIGHT! Four reasons only known to a select few, The ride will be ridden backwards!!! Yeh verrily, First overnight at Tumut, 2nd at Maffra or surrounds, and then 3rd at Corowa or beyond. Practise your backwards riding…. Moey Beep! Beep! The latest. Dates: Wed 25th 7:30 start from Tuggerah Maccas, Day1 hopefully to Corowa […]


Grizzly Nooooo Grizzly!!!!!

…was the last clear thought Lucky had as Grizzly came hurtling…yes hurtling!! over the handlebars of Lucky’s KLunKer last Sunday on what started out as a very pleasant ride over the dirt roads of Ourimbah Forest up to Jerry’s. It all seemed so straight forward. A last minute decision with no real planning. What could […]

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