Scroungerless Wollombi Ride

Early correspondence from Scrounger indicated he would not be joining us on the ride as his hand had become attached to something called a ‘Happy Stick’ and Keys had obviously been drinking out bush because his message said he was a ‘bit dusty’. Mohawk rode his KLR which was better suited  to the roads around […]

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A Lobster in the Bush

Lobster and Nige took the KLunkeR’s for a ride through the Wattagan and Ourimbah State Forests. I fell down 🙁

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That’s not a windscreen, this IS a windscreen.

Saw this lined up outside St Vincent’s Hospital the other day. Wonder if it would fit on the KLunkeR? If they run out of fuel, they could always sail home.


Entrepreneurs – Scrounger & Droopy

Scrounger & Droopy have gone all corporate on us and are now licensed motor vehicle dealers. They are agents for ‘Torino‘ motorcycles and are targeting LAMS approved bikes, both new and second hand. A range of helmets and clothing are also available. “Let me do a deal for you” LUSONS Motorcycles 0416632763

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Wiseman’s Ferry

Killswitch & Nige ventured to Wiseman’s Ferry in fabulous sunshine for a great day out. We really must find some other members who still ride bikes 🙂 Pretty boring ‘Hub’, not allowed to do much ……… Killswitch proudly displaying where the ‘Chicken & Chips’ went.

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Chichester Dam

Mohawk, Lucky and Nige joined the Usyllians for a quiet ride to Chichester Dam. Took a few interesting (read dirt) variations to the standard route and lost a couple of riders along the way but it was lovely weather and a very pleasant day. BBQ was fuelled well enough to run a power station and […]

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CC joins the Black Brigade

CC has spruced his machine up with a new paint job. Went for a ride up to Catho pub where there were plenty of bikes.

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