Grey Gum Cafe

The call to arms saw Lucky, Briz, CC and Nige turn up at Maccas. Briz and CC were not too keen on a run down the Putty again and opted for a ride up to the brewery at Newcastle and home via Catho Bay Pub. Lucky and Nige headed off for the new cafe we […]

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Lucky and Nige decided for a quicky run up the old road to Pie in the Sky. Nige clobbered a wallaby on the way, just before Warriors, minor damage to the super powerful Ninja but scared the sphincter muscle a bit tighter. Later that day, took the KLunkeR up to see Mohawk and had a […]

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Putty Again

Brizzer, Cookie, Lucky and Nige did the usual run up to Broke and then the Putty Road to the Halfway House. It was a good ride with millions of other bikes out on a beautiful day. An ambulance was visiting a rider against the fence on our way south and another ambulance/chopper combo was visiting […]

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DD, where are you?

The power of your faith fixed my shoulder, not a hint of pain since, I need to make another apointment, re, other issues, also is it to much to ask, for you to bless my bike next time, so it will stay on two wheels. thanks Sideways PS my insurance co is still crying for having […]


The Ride that was then wasn’t for some but is again…for sure.

A last minute thing but Lucky and Ant are riding back out to Orange on Monday 17th and returning Tuesday. Weather forecast looks good. Leave Maccas at Tuggerah at 9. Not sure about accommodation but be there if you can.

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The ride that almost was…and then was!

Some early images from the start of the ride that almost wasn’t.

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Ride Update

We are gunna go for a ride …….. maybe ……. The weather is doing its usual thing …….. Goulburn via Taralga for night one, up to Crookwell, Forbes and Orange for night two before heading home Bylong Valley Way. Definites: Killswitch, Ant, Lucky, Brizzer, DD, Sideways, Nige Partials/Maybes: Scrounger, Keys, Mohawk, Drive View Larger Map

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Unsolicited Advertising by Scrounger

Clearance Sale – Special to all Nige members! Clearing all of our ‘Andy Strapz’, Finn Moto jackets & Klyn Helmets at cost price. We have a range of helmets – all brand new, Aust standard, colours & sizes – full-face, open face & road/trail style – perfect for your second helmet. I have 4 brand […]

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KLunkeR KLub

Lucky, Mohawk and Nige fired up the KLunkeRs for a ride from Dooralong through the forest, out through Yengo to the Putty and then Commission Road and beyond to Bulga. Mohawk was crook and Lucky fell down.

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Holiday Ride

Plans are being finalised for a 3 day ride either North or South 🙂 depending on a few factors. Dates are Mon 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th January 2011. More details very soon and I will text message everyone as well.

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