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Holiday Ride

Plenty of advance notice on planned 3 day ride in the second week of the NSW school holidays. Approx. 3rd/4th/5th of October depending on availability. Destination … ? maybe back up into Queensland … ? Ideas … ?



Lucky, Zippy and Nige headed out to Bulga via Broke and Wallaby Scrub Road. Got a bit damp over a coffee at Jerries on the way home but still a great ride. Zippy’s ‘Blade. Lucky the Seagull and Zippy with the chip that came between them.

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Five lucky Niges set out on a beautiful day for the hamlet of Bylong. Some things were fantastic, some things …. not quite so good. Sideways looking very dangerous whilst the two in the background … well … It was generally decided that Sideways had got the full value out of this tyre. It had […]

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