Adding some ‘farkle’ to the Klunker before heading off to Longreach. Added SW-Motech crossbar mount for the Garmin and powered up, plugged the gaping hole in the exhaust (with a ‘trick down-turned tip’) so that I don’t go deaf on the ride, removed the rear lower mudguard and moved number plate/light & reflector to the […]

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To all the Pilliga trip riders, thanks for a great time, I must have been so relaxed in the hot springs, I can’t remember even being there. To everyone going on the Longreach trip, eat dirt.


Holiday Ride – more pics

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Holiday Ride – Scrounger’s Version

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Holiday Ride

Settle Gretels! Lookin’ like rain ……. ya gotta be shittin’ me! UPDATE SATURDAY: Still looking like rain 🙁 UPDATE SUNDAY: Still looking like rain 🙁 UPDATE EARLY MONDAY: Still looking like rain 🙁 UPDATE LATE MONDAY: Still looking like rain 🙁 Leaving from Tuggerah McDonalds at 9am. If there are showers, travel will then become […]


Holiday ride

Weather / looks like a wet Tuesday and fine the rest of the week, my prediction only hope I am wrong for Tuesday, why don’t we leave a day late? Just remember Scrounger don’t peak early!

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Neath Hotel

Went for a ride with CC to the Neath Hotel famous for The Miner’s Lamp. Before heading off to WW I in 1915 some guy left his lamp at the pub for safe keeping. He didn’t come back but they are still looking after his lamp! Took the sissy bar and back seat off Mrs […]

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Killswitch and Nige wandered down the old road for lunch at the new Warriors.

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