It was easier going down than coming back up …..

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The Artist formerly known as CC turns 50

Brettski has survived long enough to turn 50 today and has recovered from having his leg cut off, so much so that with a bit (lots) of turps in him, he can even play tennis 🙂 He now vows to give up the evil weed …….. Back when he was just an innocent 47 yr […]

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Ride Often: Ride Safe: Travel Far: Do It Soon:

Pilgrimage ride to Broken Hill for a family visit. Bridge over the Darling River at Wilcannia. The Ninja loaded up. Plenty of rain out this way too – Stephens Creek very full. Did I mention it was cold …. Trip to the river at Menindee. All these blokes share the same surname. Can’t beat a […]

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Gloucester and Beyond

Mohawk and Nige went for another ride on the mighty KLR650’s and yes, it rained again but at least it waited until we were nearly home.

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