Fitzroy Crossing Day?

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Willare Bridge Roadhouse Day ?

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Broome Day ????

Bit over Broome, feel like we have been here forever. Got pulled over by the Police today for no real reason and they went over the ‘Bird very closely, even put a noiseometer 🙂 on the pipes and threatened with putting me off the road. Let me off with a warning luckily as long as […]

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Broome Day ???

Got the bike serviced but the bastards washed it on me and destroyed the street cred it had taken ages to accumulate………damn!! They have discovered a few issues with the ‘Bird. Did a bit of shopping today for things needed. Mr and Mrs Briz organised to have dinner on Cable Beach and we enjoyed a […]

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Broome Day ??

Got up early and had a bit of a walk around the area. Ivan and I were booked in to a tour leaving at 8am. Did the tour and then went back and picked up my laptop and headed off to the Internet Cafe on the ‘Bird to try and resolve some issues with a […]

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Broome Day ?

Left Barn Hill station camp today via the same sandy, red dirt goat track that took us in there but managed it much better at a slightly slower speed. Rode into Broome via some very ordinary landscape to find an equally ordinary town, hopefully it will improve as we are to spend four days here. […]

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Met up with graham today on cathy’s maiden voyage (ulysses ride), roughly 30 odd bikes (some weren’t too bad), purfect weather, was lucky coming home on the freeway was overtaking in & out of lanes at about 130 when i spotted a highway patrol tucked in the left lane, two cars in front, had to nearly stand […]

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Nige Progress Map

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Barn Hill Day ??

Played lawn bowls.

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Barn Hill Day ?

Packed up and moved from Cape Kenaudren to Barn Hill.

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