Only Four? Bathurst April 21

“Nuh, I’m not going and neither is Brian!!” “Yeah but Nige!” whined Lucky, “That only leaves four of us for the ride.” “Yeah! nuh! wrong!. The ride is cancelled! There will be no ride. I repeat…. no ride!!” So four of us met at Jerry’s on the first week of the school holidays for the […]

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Put That in the Report Lucky. January 2021

Lucky woke early to the sound of rain and gurgling downpipes. “Gee I hope Nige is ok and doesn’t yell at us all about the the weather” were his initial thoughts but these were soon forgotten when he remembered he’d voted himself in as ride leader with no opposition at all. Proud as punch he […]


Rocky knew a man – Gunnedah December 2020

Now that’s a title for a story that could go anywhere. But it doesn’t take any nasty turns really. After our last ride to Mudgee we were all talking about where we could go next. “Haven’t been to Gunnedah for a long time” Suggested Lucky ” It was about a month ago old son” pointed […]

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Ride Leader Lucky – Oct 2020

Boris had a plan. It was a good plan too. Rocky said he wanted to go to Mudgee to see the motorcycle museum there so invitations were sent out. Four rooms only at The Winning Post Motel right in the centre of town. Lucky had scored a room and Moey was a close second. “Gentlemen” […]

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A Gentleman’s Agreement in Bathurst October 2020

“Seven, seriously? Seven?” “Yes Nige” replied Lucky “And we’re all leaving together” That was a nice change. And, with that, between them Lucky and Nige set to organise another overnighter to Bathurst. Nige booked on-line whilst Lucky, who saw technology as about as trustworthy as a Donald Trump Covid exam, “He’s a dirty fibber!! Pardon […]

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A Cold One in Bathurst – July 2020

All the fairy-floss boys were still tucked up cosy and warm in their flannel night shirts when the Nige’s met at Tuggerah maccas for the two night ride to Bathurst and beyond. Boris, Nige, Lucky, and Moey hugged it out as usual over skinny caps and chai lattes or whatever. Nige, now alcohol free since […]

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Sobriety in Gunnedah – June 2020

  They had just reopened lots of places after the first wave of Covid and everyone was keen to get back on the bikes even though the lockdown rules were all confused and we were always allowed to ride according to Gladys because it was considered exercise. So trussed up in everything we always wore […]


Niges Bring Culture Back to the Outback. Feb 2020

It was around the time of the Australian Superbikes and we had been talking and talking about riding back down to Phillip Island. After everyone agreed to do it a number of problems arose and so we settled on a four day adventure around some rural NSW towns to see if we could breathe some […]

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“Plenty of room ……….. car coming!” October 2019

“Right, uhmmm Good morning ¬†fellow Niges” said Nige as a hush fell over the exuberant group gathered to listen. “Now because there’s so many heaya today for the annual Bathurst Motogp ride, Im going to call the roll. I will say your name and you will reply with “Heaya”” “Is that cleaya?” “YES NIGE” we […]


Bathurst? Never Heard of it. – August 2019

After nobody turned out for the Gunnedah trip last time we thought the numbers had to get better when Nige suggested another ride to somewhere we had never been before. Bathurst. Excited you ask? Yes we were. This time there was five of us and, after the usual scrambling to see who could go out […]