MotoGP Bathurst 2023

Vale the mighty Trumpy.It came, it saw, it crashed.We will remember it fondly. The line to lunch was not really this long …. was it?

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Bathurst. Without Moey But. May 2023

“Rollcall” Nige commanded as usual. “Lucky” “Present” “Dusty” “Yibbida yibbida” “Very disrespectful Dusty but I see you’re here so I’ll let it slide” Nige said barely disguising his ire whilst glaring over the rims of his two dollar servo spectacles. “Barnaby” “Barnaby” “Barnaby???” “Never mind I can see you old pal” and Nige patted Barnaby, […]

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North to ….. North?

ROLL CALLLucky: ABSENTMoey: ABSENTDD: ABSENTBarnaby: ABSENTScrounger: ABSENT Boris: PRESENTRocky: PRESENTNige: PRESENTDay 1Like zephyrs, the lads gathered. Rocky on a solo run up from Double Bay, Nige battled the Wyong Obstacle Course as usual with his modest flair and bravado whilst Boris just sorta turned up at Broke. Rocky and Nige enjoyed a sedate armchair BMW […]

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Tasmanian Domination Tour – November 2022

“Lucky, you and me…” Nige began. ” I ” interrupted Lucky “What?”  “It’s I, Nige. You and I” “Shutup Numbnuts. Where was I? Oh right. Big announcement. You and ME are going to Tasmania with Rocky and Boris on what I’m calling our Tasmanian Domination Tour. Don’t tell me that’s pretentious either ‘cos it’s not” […]


The Grand Tour

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An Un-Lucky Ride

We went for a ride. It was good. Lucky didn’t come. We rode home. It was good, too. It turned out to be a very good ride. Moey and Nige got a bit of drizzle between Broke and Freeman’s Waterhole while, from a few desperate messages, it would appear that the other two splitters had […]

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When is a Triumph not??

Me and Lucky Philip Leo Mark Witton were riding along and then one of us wasn’t …. riding along like we were doing …. you know, on the road …. riding along and then we stopped …. riding along. The road kept going but we didn’t. Not on the road because we were not riding […]


Splitters Ride to Wauchope August 2022

It was good. We had fun. We rode there and then we rode home again, riding all the way on our motorbikes and having fun.


Lucky’s Little Cough August 2022

“ROLL CALL!!!!!!” Shouted Lucky. ” cfff cfff.” “Dry up Numbnuts. We don’t need a roll call.” Nige announced recalling the last unenthusiastic and somewhat aggressive stance from FairyDust. “But how will we know whose here?” replied Lucky. “Look around Numbnuts” Nige scowled. “PRESENT!!” shouted Lucky “That wasn’t a roll call…uhmm call” Nige said beginning to lose […]

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Just Three to Gunnedah. May 2022

It’s been raining. And raining. And raining. For months now. A lot of rides have been cancelled including Boris’ Snowy Mountain Run despite several changed dates and we were sick of it. So, finally, a two-day window appeared that promised clear skies for most of those two days. It wasn’t much but it was a […]

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