Lucky’s Little Cough August 2022

“ROLL CALL!!!!!!” Shouted Lucky. ” cfff cfff.”

“Dry up Numbnuts. We don’t need a roll call.” Nige announced recalling the last unenthusiastic and somewhat aggressive stance from FairyDust.

“But how will we know whose here?” replied Lucky.

“Look around Numbnuts” Nige scowled.

“PRESENT!!” shouted Lucky

“That wasn’t a roll call…uhmm call” Nige said beginning to lose his usual cool. “And what’s that spluttering little cough about? Its annoying me so stop it”

“I’m ok, just a little tickle, cfff cfff ”

“I’m heading out you two” Interrupted Moey. “Don’t make me regret meshing up to either of you”

“Right you are Unky Momo” Lucky replied as the three headed out from the Turf Hut.

Meshing up reluctantly

Anyway, Nige was keen this time because it was the first long ride on his new GSA. Lucky took Golden Boy since his Tiger was waiting for tyres, brakes, rear shock, and fork seals. Meanwhile, Moey was on his newish “Geeser” and looking forward to a late night of beering with Lucky. Sadly, he was to be disappointed.

Now the dodgy bit of road between Wollombi and Broke has washed away after heavy rains so we turned right at the Wollombi pub and cut out through Cessnock and around to the Golden Highway. Lucky had upgraded his Sena 10 to a 50s which used mesh technology so all three riders could chat at the same time.

“It’s like being on the Starship Enterprise cfff cfff” said Lucky “I’ll be Captain Kirk, you can be Scotty Unky Momo, and Nige can be …uhmmm… Lieutenant Uhura”

“Shut up Lucky, I’m Kirk because I’m the president of the Nige Outlaw Motorcycle Gang,” said Nige “You’re Uhura”

“Nuh-uh, she’s a girl”

“Well, I’m not Scotty either” interjected Moey. “He’s an anachronism. If Star Trek is based that far in the future then natural mixing of world races would have blended all humans into one race by then so a Scotsman would not have existed.”

The conversation faded from this point and silence apart from the occasional ” cfff cfff” from Lucky.

A quick pie in Denman then on to Merriwa then back roads to Coolah.

Golden Boy is still magnificent after all these years.

Again, a quick coffee and a lovely vanilla slice with pink icing and on to Gunnedah, arriving at about 4.30.

Rooms this time were pretty abysmal. They were on the ground floor with a shared bathroom which the bartender suggested we avoid because “The kitchen staff use that and they’re pretty disgusting.” Now, upon reflection, perhaps we should have considered dining elsewhere given that little tidbit but we didn’t. Actually, the meals were pretty good and Moey thought his steak was “Grilled by angels” Lucky thought his was ok but maybe a bit bland. Nige complained about something or other but the other two didn’t pay him any attention.

Around 8 we sauntered over to McDonald’s to see if we could repeat Dusty’s epic victory of a free thick shake there on the last ride. Somehow Moey (or was it Nige) did score something free but nobody was sure how that happened. Lucky didn’t even try to high-five anyone as he was beginning to feel “a bit weary” probably because he hadn’t ridden Golden Boy on a long ride for a few years.

Back to the pub for another few beers when Lucky announced he was “Really tired” and was heading off to bed.

“Get your lazy arse back here right now! It’s 8.30 for f%^$#’s sake and I need someone to watch me drink my sugar-free cokes” Nige demanded.

“Yes, Nige keep talking. I’m very interested in what you are saying cfff cfff ” Said Lucky as he headed off to his broom closet bedroom. Later that night he got up to go to the bathroom and found his bed soaking wet. “Well that’s odd,” he thought. “I wonder what happened there.” Morning came around and Lucky, now refreshed after a good night’s sleep, mused to the others, “Do you think I’ve got the Corvette 19?”  “That’s the bad one. I think the earlier versions 1 to 18 were ok but this one is pretty dangerous!”  His appetite seemed unaffected, however, as he scoffed down a big brekky special. “I’m actually feeling good now” He went on to tell nobody who cared.

“Yep, I’m cured,” said Lucky. And Unky Momo was so happy to hear that.

Around 9 we headed out over the Breeza Planes so Nige could check out the top speed of his now run-in GSA.

“She’ll do 222,” He said confidently but was shattered when the speedo wouldn’t climb above 208.

“Yewwwww” yelled Moey as he sailed past him. Lucky, with nothing to prove on the mighty Busa, was content to sit behind Nige and reinforce his disappointing discovery. “Yep. 208 Nige. That is all you got. You must feel bad.”

“Enough with the truncated sentences designed to highlight my distraught reaction to this German shitbox of a thing,” Nige said. ” No wonder they lost that war….. and the one before it”

“Maybe a Tiger would have been the best choice mate.” offered Lucky warily. Nige, almost boiling with rage by now, said no more about the subject.

Back in Denman for the last leg home. GSA unharmed from any high speed (Over 208kph) insect strikes.

A few hours later, coffee at Jerry’s and all went home. Lucky, still with a little persistent cough, would test positive for the spicy cough and have a lovely week off work. Moey stayed disease free and Nige, brooding a little less about his GSA’s inability to achieve speeds he considered obligatory, took it home, cleaned and polished it in the hope it would encourage just a few more KPH’s out of it. It didn’t.

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  1. Well done Meister. First report for a long time that is half based on what actually happened
    Apart from the glossed over bit about you being a super spreader and me forgetting to tell you that I was stuck in 5th gear during the speed assessment. Gosh darn. I wonder how fast it would have gone in top gear? Bye bye ‘Busa perhaps?

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