Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Keys was determined that we should stop at Jerry’s Plain for fuel and coffee. Here we are enjoying the steaming mugs of coffee. What’s that you say, you can’t see any steaming mugs of coffee? Lucky forgot to mention that we did a token lap of the mountain. […]


A Lazy Ride to Bathurst

“Is this some kind of a joke Luckmeister? Taking the KLunkers? Seriously?” “Yes mate its double demerits so we have to be a bit careful this time and, besides, the other lads are happy enough to slow down this week and so can we. C’mon whadya say?” “I think it’s all a bit tragic really […]


Do you want to try again?

There are still 2 weeks of school holidays left …. If anyone is interested in trying again for an overnight ride, indicate when you would be available here and we can try to get something together. I am good to go any day after next Wednesday.


Greygum (Clubhouse?)

We gathered at Maccas waiting eagerly for those who had failed to respond to turn up 😉 Lucky, DD and Nige waited patiently ………. and then we left for Jerrys where we knew that Keys was also waiting. Lucky had packed his wet weather gear although it was not required as the day turned out […]

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Greygum or Melt

Filler ride to the Greygum Cafe on the Putty on Sunday. The weather around here is meant to be MUCH friendlier than ‘away’. Meet at Tuggerah Maccas at 8am for an 8:30am departure. Plan how to get a holiday ride to completion 🙂


World Superbikes

Anyone interested in a trip to the Superbikes this year, 22nd – 24th February. Probably stay out at the resort like the last couple of times.

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Is it time?

Is it time for those attending to start re-thinking this ride and destination? Cowra and surrounds 35 to 41 Frid – Sun. Nige : Health & Safety Officer


Texas Revisited

Spending the night in Texas, having a few XXXX’s in the local. Did an extra loop out through Warialda and then up to Goondiwindi. Very hot but the Beemer is going like a champion even if it has blown the headlight. Fang along the Bruxner Highway tomorrow, dropping in at Drake and then down to […]


Some good news and some bad news.

First, the GOOD news. We can finally remove rego label holders from our bikes. And now, the BAD news (from the Daily Telegraph) It is set to be the year of the speed camera in NSW, with more of the despised devices rolled out than ever before. Government tender documents show that, from this month, […]