Is it time?

Is it time for those attending to start re-thinking this ride and destination?

Cowra and surrounds 35 to 41 Frid – Sun.

Nige : Health & Safety Officer

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  1. Just emailed Mowhawk after seeing forecast, a rides a ride but not if we’re gunna be sweltering. I’ll abide by the majority but I think we should postpone

  2. It’s a no brainer… I’m not attending. decided to stay home and go for a dip in Niges pool,

  3. Johnny… you’ll break your neck in Nige’s pool. Only 2″ deep. Stick to air guitar… not air swimming.
    Keys I hate to say it, but 40C and M/C gear ain’t fun. Let us know what you are thinking. Motel cancellation a problem?

  4. Keys let us know if you have outlayed any money it will be better to reimburse you rather than endure a miserable trip for $35 or whatever you outlayed, who knew we would have the third hottest month on record

  5. Just a bit of info they’re having the Troy Bayless classic weekend at Taree Old Bar track on the following weekend. $20 admission, Casey Stoner and a lot of other big names will be riding, yes it is a short circuit dirt track, thats where they all started, including yours truly. ( I still have a race programme from my last meet there)

  6. Didya win Bobby?

  7. Hi Troops. Just got back from Sydney. And , yes, did the Bridge Climb on Tues – only 34 degrees at 10 am.
    I will cancel the accommodation at Cowra – no cost involved.
    Trip to Taree sounds great Sideways. Also still keen to do some weekday o’nighters if the weather is kind.

  8. Taree sounds good.

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