Back to the Greygums.

So there we were. A warmish morning and plenty o’ time on our hands. Nige, Keys, Lucky, Sideways, and Mohawk. Lucky led out and set a brisk but comfortable pace. Sideways is getting excited because his probationary period is up soon but stayed relatively quiet on the trip out to the Greygums just to keep […]


Can it be? Can it really be?

We couldn’t believe our eyes. We rubbed them and we rubbed then but there he was….Johnny!!!! Oh the tears flowed like wine at Macdonalds that morning about 3 weeks ago when many Niges braced themselves for the ride to Broke. “Oh regale us with your stories Killswitch” said Sideways. “Yes tell us of your adventures […]

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School Holiday Ride Sep 2012

Write this down somewhwere. We are repeating the abandoned ride that Lucky, Keys and DD attempted some time ago. Refer to the “You Just Can’t Go Past Armidale Ride” in April 2012 for details of that debacle. Soooo having learned from that we will now repeat it although we will try different accomodation. Still staying […]