How’s the Serenity?

Quiet ride in the bush then up Red Hill to Jerries for lunch, to Worthingtons to annoy (I mean talk to) the guys, coffee at Maccas and home. You wouldn’t be dead (or at work) for quids …… Famous lines from ‘The Castle’

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Grey Gum Clubhouse

Lucky insisted that we ride to Grey Gum AGAIN, I mean, doesn’t he know anywhere else to ride  🙂 Fantastic weather and a great ride; Ant, Keys, Brizzer, Lucky, DD and Nige enjoyed a drink and some lunch in the sunshine.


KLunkeR Rebuild

KLunkeR using toooooooooooo much oil so it was decided a rebuild was in order. Had the ‘Doohickey upgraded while the open heart was being done …. runs much quieter with, hopefully, a better long term outlook. Top of the piston showing lots of carbon build up. Lots of stuff has to come off. The head […]

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Grey Gum Again

Lucky and Nige did the Grey Gum run again … couldn’t find another Nige.

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