North to ….. North?

Barnaby: ABSENT
Scrounger: ABSENT

Day 1
Like zephyrs, the lads gathered. Rocky on a solo run up from Double Bay, Nige battled the Wyong Obstacle Course as usual with his modest flair and bravado whilst Boris just sorta turned up at Broke.

Rocky and Nige enjoyed a sedate armchair BMW ride along the moonscape that is George Downs Drive out to Broke.
Nige had a recurring technical with his Sena headset that meant Rocky and Boris got to natter with each other like two schoolboys allowed out for the first time.

Yep. Isn’t she a beauty Nige? Got me all the way here even if the chain was almost dragging on the ground.

Shouldn’t there be an X marking the treasure?


The usual circuitous route got us to lunch in Gloucester.

Boris decided that he trusted the locals so much that he would leave his helmet and gloves outside the bank for safekeeping.

As we rode out, the dashboard told us it was 37º. Lovely. We all wished that we had more layers to put on.

A lovely dirt section through Comboyne and some double-stacked camera cars led us to our digs for two nights, The Wauchope Motel, run by Dave the Irishman.

Aaaaaaand, I had just washed and polished it. Yeh! Nuh! Just joshin’

Breakfast at the cafe too easy to spot that Nige rode straight past it. The owner got his own back by an egg dish substitution that tickled Nige’s sense of ‘one fucking thing’.
The lads are looking pretty chuffed even though neither could have a bowel relaxing muesli for breakfast.

A tourist stop at Ebor Falls although the area was being refurbished and we had to behave like criminals to take a photo.

No, not a chorus line for ‘I’m a little teapot’ but a lovely shot taken by an innocent bystander.

A few twists and turns but thwarted in our attempt to reach Armidale, we hit the dirt again and went through Gostwyk to Walcha where we had lunch at the place ‘we always stop’.

Boris was very excited to find a safe place to park his Triumph so that if/when it self-detonated, it wouldn’t take out any innocent BMWs.

Off and onward to Gingers Creek on the Oxley at a great rate of knots. The elder gentleman slowed down enough so that Nige could pretend he was almost keeping up. ‘It’s not a race’ was still ringing in his ears after all this time.

Boris, doing his best pirate impersonation, and poster boy Nige taking a well-earned at Ginger’s.

‘Whatya reckon Boris, buy a souvenir T-Shirt?’

‘Yeh! Nuh! They’re lame Nige,’ said Boris as he toodled off to buy one.

The last photo of the Three Stooges before Boris headed to Coffs Harbour the next morning.

That same morning, Rocky and Nige headed west down the Oxley with the sun wisely at our backs. Good call Rocky. Again, the older rider slowed down enough for Nige to ‘THINK’ that he was keeping up.
In to Walcha to fuel up before heading slightly back to Brackendale Road (mostly dirt) and a fantastic ride through to Nowendoc. Down Thunderbolts and Gloucester for a quick drink before hitting the go button for the loooooooong ride home. Rocky had even further to go than Nige so we stopped at the Twin Servos for a cool drink, some fuel and a cuddle before setting off to our respective abodes.

‘See Nige, I didn’t even get my snazzy gear dirty’. It looked like Rock’s GS was having a wee.
Great ride, company and weather.

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