A Gentleman’s Agreement in Bathurst October 2020

“Seven, seriously? Seven?”

“Yes Nige” replied Lucky “And we’re all leaving together” That was a nice change.

And, with that, between them Lucky and Nige set to organise another overnighter to Bathurst. Nige booked on-line whilst Lucky, who saw technology as about as trustworthy as a Donald Trump Covid exam, “He’s a dirty fibber!! Pardon my French!”, decided to book over the phone. After many days of chasing up rooms and booking doubles that were cancelled as new singles became available, the Knickerbocker again agreed to accept the Niges for another night.

Seven rooms sorted.

With that all settled and Moey dropping in on an old mate’s 80th on the morning of departure, we were all ready to go. Nige, Lucky, Boris, Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man), Barnaby, Moey, and Dave. Out to Broke where Nige told Lucky he had not raced off at silly speeds just because Lucky chose to ride towards the back of the pack and was not there to challenge nor lead him astray. Did I mention he remains alcohol free and within a healthy weight range (73kg wringing wet) which means he could be blown off the Beemer pretty easily at speed, especially with Arthur Ritus in both wrists, so he couldn’t really hang on anymore anyway.

Broke looked exactly the same as it always did.

See. Exactly the same.

Then things went horribly wrong. Nige, generally pretty reliable took a wrong turn. “OH MY GOD, HE’S HEADING TOWARDS BULGA!!” we all shouted collectively.

“That man will be the death of us all” Sighed Moey

“I’ll have to snot him when we get to Denman” said Barnaby with street-cred cool.

” Let’s string him up by his gonads!!!” roared a hard-man with an ironic name.

” Gadzooks, this will never do.” said Boris.

“Has anybody seen my hanky?” asked Lucky with some concern.

Anyway we arrived at Bulga and Nige was half unsaddled before he realised his error. “Haha youse” He started ” I know exactly what I’m doing and decided to come this way for a change. Now foller me!!” A quick surreptitious look at his Garmin and a press of a few buttons and we were away. Lucky didn’t find his hanky.

Onto Denman. Barnaby was “Toungin’ for the spicy chicken burger!” at the pub so, hoping to gain some of Barnaby’s street cred, Lucky ordered the same. Barnaby attacked his like a Mongolian horde on a Chinese monastery and then complained it lacked enough spicy sauce and other acid-based condiments. Lucky, on the other hand, deconstructed his first then nibbled away, sweating blood, till it was done. “Yeth I agree” “Very thad thpices” and went off to dunk his head in a small bucket of crushed ice. Meanwhile Nige’s GSA had all but shed it’s rear hugger and that had to be dealt with. Moey, I assume, had the Beemer strung upside down whilst he warmed up his angle grinder, I assume, to remove it. The rest of us, meanwhile, did wees and whatnot and generally got ourselves sorted.

Off we went again and the weather was perfect despite predictions of rain. Fuelling up at Broke then on through Rylstone, Sofala and the other usual spots. Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man) was very happy with his newish Bandit and grew in confidence as the trip continued “Outta my way girly men” and “I’m wearing an airbag and am invincible!!” Nobody argued with Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man) about this or anything else for the rest of the trip. As we approached Bathurst the intercom-talk turned to Mt Paranoia. “We’ll all go there as usual” stated Nige.

“What do you want to do Fairy Dust which I know is not your real name and just an Ironic badge you wear for humour?” Lucky asked

“We’ve been to Mt Paranoia Lucky and don’t need to go again” This split the group into two. Nige and Moey and Barnaby to the mountain and Lucky, Boris and Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man) to the pub.

Leaving Broke. Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man) looking for his special loop to connect airbag. Technical.


So we arrived at the


and commenced to drink beer. Well, after we had cleaned up and organised ourselves anyway. So about half an hour after we had arrived and phoned wives (Not Nige) we commenced to drink beer (Not Nige). After some shouts and whatnot we thought food. Now Boris had never heard of nachos so he was keen to give it a go as it sounded “Splendid” Both Lucky and Fairy Dust (Ironic since he is totally a hard man) ordered the same. They were big meals and we couldn’t finish them. Lucky spilled his down his shirt and pants but caught the bowl before it hit the ground so salvaged most of it.

“Where has this been hiding all my life?”

Boris gave the nachos a thumbs up but, when asked what he thought of Tim Tams. He admitted to never having heard of them. So something for him to try next trip. At 9 Boris went sleepy byes. At 9.05 Lucky went too. Nige was cranky about this but lacked the fire he used to have when he was drinking so we ignored that but promised to meet him next morning for an early walk.

Next morning at 7, Nige, Boris, and Lucky left for a leisurely 40 min stroll around Bathurst and then on to a local cafe for some pretty putrid coffee then back to the pub for our usual king sized breakfast. Eva forgot to cook Lucky’s breakfast so made him an even bigger one to make up. Lucky. Then Scotty the pub’s owner took a few of us upstairs to buy some cheap pub T shirts. One of them was all about ordering our first schooner after Covid at the Knickerbocker. These were a good price at $20 but we had to pay cash for some reason. Lucky was a little troubled because “We didn’t really order our first beer at the Knickerbocker after Covid did we?” “Let it go Lucky” said Barnaby who understood better than anyone how these things worked. Anyway, Moey paid the hundred for everybody and most paid him except Lucky. “I promise to pay you the lobster Moey. A gentleman’s agreement!!” Moey accepted Lucky as a man of his word but the rest promised to keep watching closely to see he does. “Don’t think you’ll scam Moey out of that debt Lucky or there’s going to be a problem.” This is a very hard school. Lucky avoided eye-contact with everyone for the remainder of the trip.

After the walk. The coffee quickly wiped those smiles of our faces.

Boris did not join us for the return journey. Much to Nige’s displeasure, which we all ignored, he opted to take a more direct route home along Bell’s line then on to The Toaster. He said afterwards it was a pretty cold trip but enjoyable anyway. The rest of us headed back the reverse route with no issues. A quick gathering at Jerrys for Nige, Lucky, and Barnaby from memory, whilst the others headed straight home. Lucky still hasn’t paid Moey yet so sleeps poorly with a sock full of pennies under his pillow just in case.


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  1. Thanks to Lucky for organising the un-organisable. Np mention of Muppets- good.

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