Sobriety in Gunnedah – June 2020

It all seemed innocent enough


They had just reopened lots of places after the first wave of Covid and everyone was keen to get back on the bikes even though the lockdown rules were all confused and we were always allowed to ride according to Gladys because it was considered exercise. So trussed up in everything we always wore anyway and without a trace of our infected skin exposed, we all met at Maccas (even though we thought about the Milk Factory) for a repeat trip to Gunnedah. Nige had already told Lucky he would not be drinking on this trip but more about that later.

“Yeah nuh sit down you lot, I won’t arx youse again!! Oh I beg your pardon let me say that again. Yes No welcome gentlemen: Philip, David, Brian, Shannon”

“Hi Nige” said Lucky

“Get me a beer” Said Barnaby exuding street cred.

“Elocution lessons Nige?” giggled Moey

“Burn in hell sinners” Said an exuberant DD ” Let me lay healing hands upon you Barnaby before it’s too late” And with that Barnaby’s lower backpain remained his lower backpain. Undeterred DD smiled benevolently after removing his grip from Barnaby’s shoulders and ducked out quietly to wash his hands for the required twenty seconds with hot soapy water.

“What’s DD doing Unky Momo?” asked Lucky. ” is this because he is a cardinal at the Captains Table?”

Smiling patiently, Moey explained. “Its called the Fathers Table Lucky. Captains Table is a cracker biscuit and he’s not a cardinal, they’re Catholics”

“Oh I see” replied Lucky not understanding at all.

Now, as usual, we all headed North West to Broke where we agreed that Nige and Lucky would not get en-suited rooms. It was all very democratic to a very limited degree. Happily, Nige was given a special upgrade and ended up with palatial accomodation. Lucky slept in a small single bed and hardly complained at all. Even now he remains happy just to be part of the team. From here it was out through Jerrys Plains to Merriwa then on to Willow Tree and landing in Gunnedah around 4.30.

“So we’re agreed Nige. I get the en-suite and Jesus will save your sorry soul”

The pub had good cold beers and, as mentioned earlier, everyone was having a lovely time. For some reason, despite Nige not touching a drop, Lucky and Barnaby set a cracking pace revealing aspects of their private lives best kept secret as the beers and then Bourbons flowed well into the evening. ” You know I’m not missing beer at all” explained Nige as he popped another Sugar Free Coke. “You could perhaps constrain your behaviour a little Philip. Look how your bawdy language has left poor Shannon quite pale” Which was totally lost on poor Lucky who was later invited to leave “With your rowdy friend” by the manager. A few “Tut tuts” from Nige and Lucky and Barnaby went wandering upstairs where Moey and DD had gone some hours earlier.


Earlier that evening. Before the unacceptable behaviour of Lucky and Barnaby.

“Jackpot at last and no one is more deserving than me”

Anyway, everyone had a reasonable sleep and were ready to head out next morning for breakfast and hoping the temperature might rise above Zero. Bacon on everything for everyone except Lucky who couldn’t stomach anything too heavy. Granola was it and a nice juice. The usual sympathy ” I warned you last night Philip about the evils of alcohol” from Nige and “Repent your heathen soul Lucky” from somewhere else.

“This is not helping at all”

Happily the weather did warm up to about 7. Out through Tamba Springs where speed limits seem advisory rather than mandatory ¬†and into Merriwa for a nice pie for lunch. From here we dodged the predicted rain all the way to Jerry’s where, despite his promises not to, DD peeled off for a comfort stop. Nige and Lucky, very concerned for his wellbeing, turned around to look for him and found him safe and sound so that was nice.

Nobody picked up or left any unwanted virus’ and we all agreed that the new self imposed prohibition of Nige didn’t change him that much after all. It poured rain on Nige all the way home from Jerry’s to Bateau Bay. Lucky pulled into his garage at Central Mangrove just as the first drops began to fall.


2 Responses to “Sobriety in Gunnedah – June 2020”

  1. Well done Master Scribe.
    I was very happy to be upgraded to my palatial suite without asking, pleading or begging. Nice gesture.
    No bacon for me, filthy unwashed animals. A coffee, a wee and a good look around is all a healthy man requires for breakfast.
    My ears could possibly have done with some sanitiser considering the shit they had to endure the night before ……
    Great ride and a great report ….. again.

  2. I don’t remember any of this!! Where did i get too? Yes I remember Lucky grazing on glazed farm produce for breakfast. Could this have disturbed my memory function. And now I do remember Bourbon and Coke… plural. Moey

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