Missing Persons – January 2019

‘So what time will Sideways be getting here fellas?” Asked Lucky, forgetting all about Sideway’s nasty crash a month or so earlier. ” Well now Lucky, Uncie Bob fell down remember? and he lives on a farm now because the naughty doctors said his insides are still a bit too sore to ride motorcycles anymore.” Said Moey as gently as he could. You see Sideways had, on an earlier ride, decided to buy Lucky’s Bandit and was figuring out how best to organise a deal when, in mid corner, he didn’t, and went boots up into the scrub at Kulnura. Nevertheless, Nige, Barnaby, Lucky, Moey, and DD gathered once again at Maccas for the annual MotoGP weekend in Bathurst. Lucky couldn’t help but notice that every time someone said Sideways, DD made a little sign of the cross. Sideways was fine but DD wanted to make sure.

Gawd bless Sideways. He was…is…a ripper.

Anyway off we went and found our way travelling over familiar territory out through Bylong and Rylstone and eventually into Bathurst. Now the Knickerbocker was for some strange reason all booked out so Nige threatened the good people at The George Hotel to find luxury accomodation for five and for him to get the best room. His impeccable manners didn’t get him the best room. Lucky got the best room with separate lounge area and a lovely bureau where he could write his memoirs if only he could remember them. And we laughed and we laughed as Nige squeezed himself into the janitors broom closet. But he didn’t hardly complain at all because he was getting used to this ” Inappropriate Treatment of the President ”

Parking was okay behind vandalised roller doors but Lucky nearly dropped his new Tiger against the wall after having a full schooner of some super expensive beer. ” Help me Nige, help me” he wailed as he found himself stuck between bike and brick wall. “Yeah hang on Meister, I’m just trying to remember which room I had again. Didn’t we agree to swap?” But this logic was all too much for poor Lucky who now, horribly confused by Nige’s obvious trickery, still not obvious to Lucky, stared ahead and simply waited to die. ” Oh for Fuck’s sake” said Nige and pulled the Tiger off the wall.

“Thanks Nige, where’s Sideways? ”

“Oh for fuck’s sake” repeated Nige as DD, still inside the pub, blessed himself again without really knowing why.


Not good enough. That’s Nige’s room in the middle.

Speaking of motorcycles. Barnaby brought his R1 along and it’s very, very nice. Red and white and fast. “Its pretty bloody uncomfortable but.” he pointed out. “I’ll drink some beers and see if that fixes me up.” It did. Barnaby is a real man who can fix things made out of metal and we like him because he gives us the street cred we never had.

” Even Sideways never made us feel like real men. ” said Moey. ” David, enough with that christian voodoo willya” He added and DD stopped mid-blessing. “You’re upsetting L..U..C..K..Y”

“I can spell you know, Moey” Replied Lucky. “I teach Up School!!”

” I think you mean High School Lucky” “Oh yeah High School. I knew it was something like that”.

Street cred


On Sunday morning the boys rode out to Burraga. Everybody had a lovely time and drank the usual putrid instant coffee out of foam cups. Happily Moey’s Old Fallapart made it there and back with no dramas. “Graunch free!” he happily stated. Meanwhile, Lucky headed out to Orange to meet up with his old mate Dave and his coffee was freshly brewed with a zesty citrus tart and fresh cream at the local cafe. Ohhhh Lucky!

Worst coffee ever boys!! Wonder how Lucky’s going?

Anyway, we all gathered back at The George for the race. Nige’s usual happy demeanour vanished when all bets were placed for the top five. “Markee’s mine and, as per our yearly arrangement, youse can’t bet on him”

“Oh absolutely”

“Right you are!!”

” God bless that glorious man”

” Whose Markee?”

Markee fell off again and that meant Lucky won the prize…again… like last year. “We hate you Lucky” They said. “Burn in hell you devil-spawn” Bit harsh there DD, Lucky thought to himself.

“Any chance I might get to keep my money this year” asked Lucky who remembered how his winnings from last year, in his absence, was shared equally among the gang by way of a generous bar tab.

“Nah we’re drinking it all and I’ll look after it” said…well, no-one in particular but you know who. “Yep, that sounds about right” a sad and dejected Lucky replied.

Having spent all Lucky’s winnings, the real men led by Barnaby swaggered boldly to the usual pizza place. Not everybody swaggered, some of us kinda shuffled uncertainly behind trying to stay out of trouble. As usual, the orders got all buggered up and Lucky got the wrong topping. I think it was an old sand shoe but he gave it a go anyway. Everybody over-ordered and were figuring what bin to put them in when DD spotted Bathurst’s fattest derro enter the shop. “I’ll see if he wants them” he said. “Listen brother, God bless you and all that, would you like some free left-over pizzas with bits of spit and sand shoe on them?” To our surprise old 30 stone Derrick the Derro, with a cheerio and a thumbs up, hooked in to them while he waited for his own order. We spotted him a bit later chugging past the pub like a 1963 Massey-Ferguson tractor with a toothless grin and a hearty wave. “What the hell was that hanging out the side of his mouth?” Barnaby asked. “Oh wait, I think it’s a shoelace” he said, answering his own question. We drank more beer and went to bed.

At The George you get a complimentary breakfast of cereal and toast and such and it was ok but we missed the old Polish lady from the knickerbocker with her huge breakfasts that nobody has ever finished…ever.

“C’mon boys. Real men don’t use saucers. They’re for pansies.” Street cred!

So we went home. We got to Jerrys without incident. ” I think Sideways would have really enjoyed that ride, bless him” said Dave making an extra big sign of the cross and daring anyone to stop him. “Sideways? is he here?” a very excited Lucky said looking in all directions at once. “No Lucky. Still at the farm” Moey said. A little less calmly this time. We were all a bit tired and cranky I suppose.

Jerrys. No splitters this time.


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Bill & Todd’s Excellent Adventure Take 2

Scrounger and Nige met at the usual haunt and we had old man coffee and old man raisin toast and then we talked about where we were actually going and how to get there and then we went and looked at our bikes and then Nige politely commented on how old and shitty Scrounger’s GS was compared to his beaut new(ish) one and then we got on the bikes and headed off at a leisurely pace with Scrounger leading the way out via the usual route to Broke and around our not so new or secret back track where Nige stood up to alleviate bum pressure and suddenly after a quick smack under the chin his snazzy glasses disappeared into the ether because Scrounger who was right behind didn’t even see them come off and then we kept going until we arrived at Denman where we headed directly to the hotel for some liquid refreshments because did I mention it was hot and then we had some good food to eat and them we got back on our bikes and rode the Golden Highway to Merriwa where Scrounger needed to refuel but after coming back from a slash Nige said to Scrounger that he hoped that puddle of fluid on the ground had not come out of his ageing GS so Scrounger quickly moved the bike to escape the evidence but unfortunately the puddle of oil magically reappeared under Scrounger’s GS now renamed Exxon Valdez and was flowing faster than the Darling River and then we worked out it was escaping around the oil level viewing window but we could not see the top of the oil so figured it must still have plenty and a bit spare in there and headed off on the back road to Willow Tree past where a previous Nige MC trip had ended with the president having an altercation with a drunken whip that caused a very nasty cut to his forehead and after some lovely roads and some unlovely roadworks we arrived at Willow Tree and then we went to the pub because did I mention it was hot and we had another beer while Exxon waited outside purging itself of even more oil but we still could not see the top of the oil and so we figured it still had some and a bit spare and then we headed off towards Quirindi but didn’t so went to Gunnedah and found ourselves at the Gunnedah Hotel and then we parked Exxon and the GSA in the carpark and waited for the oil level to drop enough for it to stop leaking out the little window but after 1 minute that was boring and then we went in and drank beer and then we went up to check out our rooms but one was better that the other and so I said to Scrounger he could just pick a key out of my hand and bugger me he picked the best room although he would argue this the next morning because the room was so big that the piddly air conditioner was unable to keep poor little Scrounger cool enough for him to properly concentrate on rubbing one out but after the first few beers we felt like explorers and so we headed off to discover how many other establishments in Gunnedah sold the nectar called Great Northern and this became somewhat of a quest for the remaining journey but when we visited the Gunnedah RSL a staff member had the audacity to tell Nige to remove his presidential hat and then Nige queried the reasoning behind this inane rule but the little girlie was prepared with a response that did not satisfy the eternal question about hats in clubs but not pubs or shops or service stations or butchers or doctors or everywhere else so Nige gave a small friendly salute just using the minimum of two digits as we departed the club in search of other places where a hat could still be worn and beer purchased and then we went back to the Gunnedah Hotel where we enjoyed healthy vegan steak and pizza covered in all sorts of even healthier stuff and then we drank some more nectar after Scrounger was disgusted with the poor selection of overpriced la-di-da wines and then we went to our rooms and did whatever private and secret things people do when they go to their rooms like Sideways always used to do before he became a non-riding member as a result of his meeting with the bush near Jerry’s and then we had some sleepy time until the heat exchanger outside my window kicked in for the night shift and Scrounger’s little air conditioner that thought it could couldn’t and then eventually it was morning and Scrounger thought that a visit to the Golden Arch’s across the road was the way to make up for lost sleep and fill our poor little starved bellies but that was until they gave us what big burgers who have babies make and we were disgusted and Nige left most of his behind and even his coffee that was anything but lava java and then we went and checked on the oil slick out the back of the pub where Exxon had spent the night dribbling and then we decided that something had to be done and so we went up the road to the motorbike/pushbike shop that every town should have and Scrounger regaled the owner with tales of heroic riding on oil slicked tyres and footpegs before deciding that he was useless and headed further afield to the AutoPro while Nige had spotted an eBike in the motorbike/pushbike shop that every town should have and shared stories of speed and endurance with the owner and there was just a little bit too much thigh fondling before Nige joined Scrounger at the AutoPro so that he could annoy the blokes behind the counter and make friends wherever he travels and they had sold Scrounger on the Dynasteel and degreaser solution and he scabbed a rag because he was too tight to buy some and decided that more oil was an even sillier option and then we rode our trusty steeds to Mudgee and stayed in a lovely hotel and then had a drink or two and a bacon and egg roll for breaky and then we packed up and then we rode home.

It was good.

The End

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A Graunchy ride to Hill End – January 2018

“So what’s at Hill End Nige? Will there be swings for us to play on?” Lucky was pretty sure he knew the answer to this but was still hopeful he could avoid an afternoon/evening of drinking too much beer. “Of course there’ll be swings Lucky and hooly-hoops and a merry-go-round but first there must be beer.” “Will there be a blessed chapel for those of us in need of spiritual guidance” asked DD with little hope the Royal Hotel might cater for that sort of thing. “Of course DD” Replied Nige “And we will all receive the sacraments together. But first there must be beer.” With this Sideways, Moey, DD, Lucky, Nige, and new friend Shannon (Yet to be given an appropriate Nige Name) set out past Broke and on to Bylong Valley Way to Rylstone then Sofala and then Hill End. The weather was warm enough when we left Maccas that morning and apart from some pretty ordinary road surfaces this side of Bylong all was going well. Some lousy pick pocket, however, who could really run fast nicked Sideways wallet out of his jacket somewhere between Tuggerah and Broke but was kind enough to return it anonymously to his letterbox next day minus the cash. So that was good news.

The Royal Hotel at Hill End. Did not see one member of that family.


We stopped off at the other Royal Hotel in Sofala. No Prince Philip there either!

So anyhoo we arrived in Hill End around 4 in the afternoon tired but keen to hit the swings WHEEEEEE. ‘Ceptin there were no swings. No swings. Nor were there hooly hoops and no chapel off the side of the hotel. We were devastated or “Devvo” as the younger ones amongst us said (That was no-one so no-one said it). “There’s beer youse lot. Foller me.” And so we followed Nige into the pub. The bartender was a friendly bloke and keen to make us welcome. “Hello fellas, what’s you’re pleasure?” Nige reached across the bar and grabbed him by the lapels pulling him roughly to within an inch of his snarling face. “Six Four X’s, big ones and right bloody now.” “Certainly. You must be Nige. I’ve heard of you.” without breaking his ear to ear grin at seeing six cashed-up and wifeless men enter his bar. We all sat down quietly as Cheerio Pete (something like that) brought over the drinks, being sure to give the first to Nige. ” I think you might have been a little unfair, even graunchy (pronounced: grawn-chee.) to Pete there Nige” Moey said. “What is it with you and that word. Everything’s bloody graunchy with you these days!! Find another word.” “Nah I like graunchy. It has a plethora of applications.” Moey happily replied, clearly proud of his word. “Yeah we like it too Nige” said Sideways, “Don’t we boys!!” “Oh absolutely,” “yes indeedy,” “truly glorious.” And so it remains. Moey’s favourite word.


Graunchy Yeah!!


“Sofala beer is pretty graunchy” Moey announced. “I’ll just grip my legs and grit my teeth and say nothing” Nige thought pensively.


After temporary release to take our bags up to the rooms we could see why the fifty or sixty dollars was so reasonable. Lucky had a queen size bed in a room about the size of a king size bed. The walls were papered with old newspapers but did have a hook for your jacket or for killing yourself if your stay was more than one night. Everybody else had the same except of course for Nige who scored two single beds. “This room is beneath my status” He mumbled and repeated most of the evening. Dinner, however, was magnificent and included in the price. Old style porterhouse steaks on mashed potatoes. Delicious and big. Our new friend Shannon hit the rooms first still recovering from a hip replacement only a few weeks earlier. He never whined once about it though. He, by the way, bought Nige’s old Ninja. Turns out it’s a very nice shiny black colour. I always thought it was a kind of mottled grey and brown with grass growing off the sides but there you are.


Lucky’s room.

Nige’s room. What royal ever slept here?

Breakfast was Fruit Loops and full cream milk, toast and tea etc. also included in the price. Headed home about 8.30 and almost got to Ilford when Sideways’ newish Yamaha Virago with a tank the size of a sippy-cup ran dry. Luckily we met a guy in Ilford who had fuel on hand but looked tired and bent from carrying armfuls of tattoos around. He rode a Rocket Three after spending many years on Harley Davistowns but had lost his licence several times on them and was proud to say that he had now gone almost eighteen months without having to go to court for various traffic violations. Sadly, he then admitted, he was off to court tomorrow and expected to go without his licence for another extended period. What you could ever do on a Harley to be fined is beyond me by the way. Maybe leaking oil all over the place or noise or littering various parking areas with them. Certainly not speeding. Anyway he was a nice fellow and wouldn’t accept any money for the fuel. We wished him good luck for his court appearance and headed on.


“This tank Sideways! Theres only one word to describe it and I think you know what that word is!”


The usual route took us back through the farmlands behind Jerrys Plains and nobody fell off. The sealants that were sprayed on the dirt section just before we arrived on the trip out, causing us to backtrack through Denman, was long gone and easy to navigate. Our goodbyes were held at Broke as Moey headed off home turning left at the servo. ” Graunchiest ride ever boys!! ” he shouted happily as he turned towards Cessnock. DD and Sideways decided to search for Sideway’s missing wallet which had already beaten him home. That left Nige and Lucky and our new friend Shannon to enjoy one last coffee at Jerrys. Then DD turned up as well. “Thought you were helping Sideways find his wallet” we all said. “Charity only goes so far boys and, instead, I prayed it would be found for him and returned to his letterbox.” A collective sense of goosebumps enveloped us all. Glorious.








We Love You Markeeeeee!!!!!! October 2016

And so it was raining. Nothing new about that. So there we were all draped in gladwrap. The MotoGp ride was on again and this time we headed west again for the first time ever to Bathurst and the Knickerbocker….again. Nige, Lucky, Mohawke, Sideways, and Black Santa. All with varying degrees of permission from wives. So much love in amongst the skinny cappucinos and butterscotch lates. “haven’t seen youse forever old chums” etc and other one-step-short-of-gender-confusion cuddles and we were off. Did I mention the rain? It rained. All the way to Bylong. Then it stopped. Then it got cold. We all shivered a bit and were pretty sooky by the time we stopped at Rylstone.

“Do something Black Santa” we all pleaded. ” This wevver is unpossible” said Lucky the Advanced English HSC teacher.

“Now fellas the good lord knows his business and it will turn out to be a dead set ripper of a day.” but Black Santa was wrong. It got a bit colder. “I love the rain, it invigorates me” said Sideways which surprised us all.

Sideways kickin it old school after a double mochachino.

Sideways kickin it old school after a double mochachino.

Anyway we finally made our way into Bathurst with all the usual confusion about which streets to take to get round the back of the pub. We’ve only been here about a thousand times. It’s like two turns.

Now, because we were all so cold 80% of the gang thought it a good idea to shower up and meet at the bar in twenny. Except for Nige, “Hey youse blokes I’m still the president heya and demand you drink heavily alongside me whilst I tell youse how I love Markeeeeee way more that any of youse. Youse can knock one over or whatever in the showers later. Don’t test me or there’s gonna be tahwubble”

Twenty minutes later, after a delightful shower, we returned to find Nige still berating us. “….. and I expect nuffing but honor and respect and obedience from youse all and did I mention how much I love Markeeeeeee way more than any of youse. Somebody buy me a XXXX Gold. Thanking youse!!!” Strangely, by this stage Nige was sitting apart from the other patrons who had gathered waaaaay over the other side of the bar area and seemed overly interested in their half-empty glasses and mumbling something about not making eye-contact with the ‘angry man’.


A bunch of what we assumed to be uni student girls were dressed up as pirates and some of them were wanting photos with them on top of a pyramid of gentlemen from around the bar. Now Lucky was not aware that pirates wore fish net stockings and asked Moey if they were real pirates, “Well Luckmeister, think about it, where would they park their pirate ship in Bathurst.” and Black Santa added, “They’re just brazen hussies Lucky. Don’t pay them no nevermind. I’m right aren’t I Sideways?” But Sideways and Moey were by now already forming the base of a pretty dodgy looking pyramid and Sideways was pushing for innovation so Moey had to sort him out. “You have to face downwards Bobby or the girls wont climb on”

It took some time and a bit of scrapping around for white tee shirts but we finally put together a pretty fair effort.

It took some time and a bit of scrapping around for white tee shirts but we finally put together a pretty fair effort. That’s Sideways in the pink. He’s really strong.

You know how Moey’s bike is really old right? We’ve talked about that in the past. Well his right side crankcase cover was metal on metal when he pulled it apart to check some kind of noise he was unsure of. “Last time I replaced my fiddliochronogizmeechain I’m sure I gave the mechanics at Chuckawaythegaskets in Newcastle a brand new gasket after they finished fitting the swazneebocker back on. Its a real mystery what they did with it.” So there he was sitting in the dirt at the back of the pub worrying what might become of him if old Fallapart couldn’t make the trip home. “Fellas we might have to go home through Lithgow and stay on the big road just in case the worst should happen” said Moey. Nige pointed out that, as per club policy subsection 12.7a “..All riders and especially Moey and his shitbox Kawasaki must travel on roads where no help at all is available and, wherever possible, be out of phone tower range” So no joy there for Moey. “Look old mate, if worst comes to worst one of us will double you home and send help back for whatever’s left of Ol’ Fallapart. How’s that?” Nige offered whilst we all giggled behind our hands. Except for DD who thought the offer was genuine. “So Lucky, are we going to share the responsibilies between us on who carries Brian and what about his luggage? Brian’s luggage lucky. How will we disperse it equally? I don’t want the part with his underpants in it!” Things were getting a bit out of control by this point so we all ate ice creams to calm down.

You know what Dave, when we get home I'm gonna install an ice cream holder on my handlebars and eat these wherever I go. And I'll get a blue one for the Klunker.

“You know what Dave, when we get home I’m gonna install an ice cream holder on my handlebars and eat these wherever I go. And I’ll get a blue one for the Klunker.”

Our usual ride around on Sunday just didn’t happen because it was too cold and there was only a slim hope that Moey might make it back anyway. Instead we went for a little wander around the town and discovered there was at least another road away from the Knickerbocker with shops on it. “Who’d have guessed this Nige?” said Lucky, “Why, we’re like Columbus or Captain Cook or…or.. or General Pants and other great explorers!” Lucky also teaches Senior History. Meanwhile Black Santa toddled off to church. “I think it was for the three free wishes you get there.” said Lucky the former Religion teacher. “That must be where they keep the Genie!!”

And the race was on. Because we had watched the earlier races and tried some new drinks or because we were all so concerned about Moey’s issues, tee hee, we didn’t have our usual bets on who would win and placegetters etc. Of course Nige was all “I’m the only one allowed to bet on Markeeeee because I love him so much.” and we were all, “Whatever you want Mr Atrill because we have nothing but respect for your position as club president.” (You know…until The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs stages another coup.) Markeeee fell off and Nige thought that was a real bummer, “That’s a real bummer” he said and switched off the set. We never found out who won.

I really love Markeee DD. He's my sweety and he will win for me.

“Markee didn’t win David. Select a random member of the club and kill him please.”

Monday Morning was nice. At the Knickerbocker, breakfast is included in the price. You have a wide selection to choose from but you only get the one meal the Polish lady cooks for you all. It’s a plate piled high with a potpourri of carnage: bacon, sausages, eggs, and other stuff. We tried for a variety of how to get the eggs cooked but no luck there either. Although she seemed friendly I think we were all a bit worried about ending up in the gulag so we just ate without complaint. Nige thought she was wonderful.

Lucky learns all meals are the same for morning, noon, and night.

Lucky had ordered Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon. Disappointed? I think so.

Despite Moey’s misgivings we made it safely back to Gerry’s for some awkward man-love moments and a nice coffee. I don’t know if Moey actually made it all the way home from there but ah well.


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So Whose Really Running This Show? A Lazy one to Rylstone – January 2015

Controversial? Certainly, but with a decreasing number of weekend rides and some distances between overnighters there was always going to be trouble. When Lucky called for troops for a lazy ride out to Rylstone hands went up everywhere to join in. A new rider was invited along and, rather than wait for a club name to be initiated, proclaimed himself “Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs”No hang on ……Sorry, that should read “THE Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs.” Lucky had already aligned himself to The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs and expected a ground swell of support to challenge Nige somewhere out west.

So anyhoo we all met at the usual place: Nige, Mohawk, Killswitch, Sideways, Black Santa, Lucky, Grizzly, and The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs. Black Santa was still riding his old red bucket of bolts and was first to extend his hand in friendship, “Good morning Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs it looks like a glorious day for a ride” “Ahem” interjected Lucky, “I think you mean THE Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs don’t you Black Santa?” ‘Oh yes, yes of course. Please beg my pardon The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs. Its absolutely glorious to meet you.”

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe. An imposing figure.

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs. An imposing figure.

With hugs and kisses attended to, the group (Still Niges at this point) headed out. Fuel at Broke then on past the farms out the back of Denman and then The Commercial hotel at Rylstone. Accomodation at $55 per night for a single room was good. Mind you all the rooms we were given had more than one bed in them and the shared facilities were good. Must remember to bring your own soap to this one because they have shower gels in the showers but these can be tricky I think. Plus I like to choose my own scent, dont you?

Nige looking presidential with The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs formulating plans.

Nige looking presidential with The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs formulating plans.

Well the beers flowed freely that afternoon and night with everyone blessing each other and more hugs and promises of friendships forever etc etc. Then Nige excused himself to go and rip one off or tear one out or hit one out of the park or whatever it is he does when he’s alone. Maybe it was just a wee, dunno, but it gave Lucky time to propose a bloodless coup. “C’mon fellas, Nige has been a great leader and we all love the little cutie pie but isn’t it time for change? What about you Johnny, are you with us?” But Killswitch remained neutral which didn’t help the cause much. “Moey, you in?  “Yeah, nail his arse to the wall!!” Said Mohawk. ” Kill him till his dead” Shouted Grizzly. “Hail The Supreme Ruler of the Universe, Hail!!” So some enthusiasm from Grizzly. Sideways ran outside to set fire to Nige’s Klunker but remembered he had no matches and returned crestfallen but the thought was there so that was nice. DD called for calm and suggested we pray on it because it was a big decision to make even though The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs really did look the duck’s nuts and seemed “An absolute ripper of a bloke”.

Then Nige came back and shouted us a beer and the coup was forgotten. Grizzly and The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs both agreed that, despite the failed coup, their first overnight ride with the Niges (if you don’t count the Klunker ride out to Grizzly’s farm) was good fun.

Nige returns to find himself still the president.

Nige returns to find himself still the president. Note the false smile from The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs.


A good night’s sleep and breakfast up the road at some la de da antiques cafe. Right next door to Rylstone “Guns and Ammmo” shop. Priceless. So off we went for the trip home. A quick stop at Broke, a longer stop at Jerry’s where Lucky and The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs discussed future possibilities.

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe leaving the Commercial Hotel. Biding his time.

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs leaving the Commercial Hotel. Biding his time.


All up a good ride with plenty o’ controversy. Nige possibly considering whether to accept The Supreme Ruler of the Universe and its Environs is a suitable name for the newbie. I thought he was muttering something like Fairy Dust as a possible alternative but can’t be sure.

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Bathurst MotoGP

Planned ride to the Knickerbocker in Bathurst for this years Australian MotoGP. 18th, 19th & 20th October

Saturday kickoff, 8:00am at Tuggerah Maccas for a 9am start. Broke, Bylong Valley Way, Sofala etc.

Sunday am ride before the races (all 3 classes on TV)

Monday, ride the reverse home.

Let Lucky know if you are interested or leave a comment here.


North Coast

Madge and I packed our winter woolies, donned multiple layers and headed north.

First stop was Gloucester where a hot drink at The Roadwarriors Cafe was useful in warming the cockles of the heart.


Onward and upwards to the lookout


before arriving in Walcha where it wasn’t very cold overnight at all.


The next morning after the bike thawed out, we headed for Casino and some lunch in town at the bakery.


We pushed on with a full stomach towards Bangalow and stopped for a bit of a squiz.


Back on the bike and on to Byron Bay and our accommodation for a couple of days.


Off to the Beachie for dinner and a few ales.


The next day was an opportunity to tick a few Tommy Tourist boxes.


One of the extremities ticked off.


On the tortuous path up to the lighthouse.


Having some yuppie coffees.

Off to Nimbin via Minyon Falls and The Channon on some terrific roads.


They didn’t have to tell us twice 😉


Surely we can fit even more stuff on the GS?


We were offered drugs here.


Best view in town of baggies and cookies. Put the camera away.

Gotta put this cliche photo in.

Out to Kyogle where there was a million bikes for some reason. Couldn’t find out what the ride was. South to Casino and Grafton to end up at Coffs Harbour.


The shopping trolley at Coffs motel.


Continued to Bellingen and the Old Butter Factory where some more goods were added to the bike.


Really impressive building inside and out. Emporiums are rare.


Ebor Falls on the way to Bendemeer via Dorrigo and Armidale. It was coooooooling down.


Spent the night at Bendemeer Pub with a few ales to keep us warm but woke up the next morning to an ice covered landscape shrouded in fog.

Waited around for it to warm above zero and decided not to risk heading back towards Walcha and Gloucester. The warning lights on the Beemer were going ballistic.


Eventually went down the New England to Tamworth where the fog quickly lifted and the world turned a warmer place thankfully.

Sidetrack to Gresford to check out a campground and then home.



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Ride this Sunday 27July

Forget the Ulysses boys, Niges ride again!!! I’m so pumped for a ride down the Putty to the Greygums I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps Tuggerah at 8.30 and leave at 9. All welcome.

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Top speed comparison at Mugello

Best and worst top speeds for all three classes after Friday free practice (2) for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, which contains the quickest straight on the calendar.

Fastest: Hector Barbera (Ducati) 346.7km/h (215.4mph)
Slowest: Danilo Petrucci (Ioda CRT) 302.6km/h (188.0mph)

Fastest: Pol Espargaro (Pons Kalex) 289.9km/h (180.1mph)
Slowest: Elena Rosell (Moriwaki) 271.7km/h (168.8mph)

Fastest: Arthur Sissis (KTM) 233.9km/h (145.3mph)
Slowest: Danny Webb (Mahindra) 218.8km/h (136.0mph)

* All Moto2 riders use a control Honda engine.

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The Celebration of Retirement Ride

The Celebration of Retirement Ride
On the 26th of May Mohawk, Nige, Johnny Killswitch and DD gathered at Tuggerah McDonalds for the inaugural Celebration of Retirement Ride. The forecast was highly favourable with unseasonally warm weather. After some trivial banter and venting we headed off with high expectations (he was a late inclusion in the ride). Moe was ride leader and we headed towards Bendemeer.

We headed out through Yarramalong towards Wollombi (I was disappointed that we didn’t stop at Gerry’s for coffee). Then onto Singleton, Dungog and to Gloucester.



Ahh the country feeling as we cruised into Gloucester and stopped for fuel; birds chirping in the trees, cows lowing in the hedgerowed paddocks, locals whistling through pieces of straw and calling “How de doody!” Next minute the spawn of Satan roars into the servo in a Lucifer-black armour-plated personal carrier and screams to a halt in a cloud of dust and sharp rocks demanding to be serviced with high-octane aviation fuel. The retired gents were in the midst of refueling their noble steads and whose weapon happened to be in the way of the cacodemon’s access to the pump? Yes, Johnny who was feeling a strong desire to strain the potato’s and as he returned was accosted by the fiend. John held his cool but because he had been involved in three altercations over the past few days in situations which were quite confrontational had to be restrained by his riding companions from drawing his pistol containing a silver bullet. The ghoul, vomiting verbal filth, stormed into the service station to pay and then roared away to intimidate some other innocent poor soul. I’m sure he was a top bloke, he just had a bad day.

After our close encounter with the fires of hell we headed off pleased to be on the road again. Every small coffee establishment along the way received our patronage until we finally reached Walcha where were we disappointed once again by the Café Amour. Then into the sun we rode on the final leg to Bendemeer.

The pub was very salubrious with what I think were the best rooms in which we have lodged.



After settling we had a few quiet ales and dinner.


Nige got unusually quieter as the night wore on and we had a very pleasant evening until the pub was closed about 7:45 p.m.


The 27th greeted us with yet more glorious weather and DD said “ripper”. We followed the previous day’s route home stopping at Gresford for a cuppa and experiencing some very enjoyable stretches of road. We had a close encounter with a member of the constabulary but he either didn’t see us or was more interested in some other objective.


Many thanks and appreciation to Moe on an excellent ride.

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