Lucky’s New Ride

When is enough, enough? Never. I thought it might be nice to have something with a whole heap of carrying capacity for those long four day rides without being stretched over the tank like a medieval rack. The 08 Bandit has it all: Givi hard panniers with a Ventura rack; ABS; radiator guard, Pro-oiler for the chain; Yoshi exhaust; and other bits and pieces. Bought it from a bloke up here at a good price because the GFC screwed him over and he needs the cash. Sad farewells for him. Felt a bit sorry for him but perked up once I felt the grunt of this thing. Still keeping the Busa and the KLunkeR of course.



Yeah Bewdy

Yeah Bewdy

Lucky's stable.

Lucky’s stable.



2 Responses to “Lucky’s New Ride”

  1. A muscle bike! Doesn’t it feel goooooooooooood.

  2. A tidy garage is a sign of a sick mind.

    All those bikes and only one decent one amongst them 😉

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