Early Bird

I’m looking for volunteers to go over the wall and ride headlong into Victoria. Proposed 4 day mission to be executed during the 5 day window of opportunity, 7th Jan – 10th Jan.
Candidates must be true of heart, steeled in spirit and cast iron of gut.
Applications in triplicate to Minister of Rides.

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  1. Can you be a little more specific, are you robbing a bank while there, or is this a klunker ride?

  2. Will decide on exact dates with consideration given to those involved. Will the building game be in recess in January?
    Consideration will also be given to suggestion of robbing banks en route and Klunker ride but not both… no chance of a quick get away there.
    Still keen to do Mitta Mitta – Omeo rd and those missed last ride. Will probably ride backwards!

  3. Heading to cooler climes could be just the ticket. Pencil me in.

  4. Pencil me in, pencil me, in pencil me in, the building work makes a slow recovery starting around the 7th but a lot of people don’t come back till the 14th. Are we going to Bright?

  5. Good to see an early turn up for roll call. Yes Robert, Bright is definitely on the cards, (the Joker I think).

  6. I thought I’d ask on DD’s behalf. went for a blat today to shake the cobwebs out, the coppers around here don’t like me, I was only doing 100 when I toped the hill above Wyong Hospital, lo & behold, a highway patrol just happened to be going the other way, wait a minute, his light hasn’t gone on, damn yes it has, so in the process of a quick getaway, a second unmarked highway patrol clocks me at 108, 3 ks later with two of them on my tail, I called it quits, they wouldn’t get out of their cars till I’d turned off the bike and got off, how polite I thought, one kept mumbling something about Skys law, and locked up. I think they were pleased I didn’t give them any stupid excuses, and just said I was late for church. After they ascertained I wasn’t a common criminal, the unmarked guy went off to fill his own quota, my guy don’t have to do any thing for the rest of his week. The chase must have rattled him a bit cause his hands were still shaking when he came back wit a little piece of paper for me to keep, which said I owe someone or other $815 and my 12 point quota is now down to seven, but hey I no complain, more than 30 over is instant disqualification, maybe they do like me after all. PS I’m donating to a new charity now, the Sideways RMS Fund, its a good cause, and I urge you all to consider donating

  7. Sad story Robert … no … really 😉
    Heard an even sadder one today. This bloke was picked up and eventually booked for DUI after being spotted driving erotically (his word, I’m guessing he meant erratically). He told them he was just dodging the potholes.

    The police are just everywhere lately, maybe you should consider a SOM (Sad Old Man) bike like Lucky’s Bandit or even a GSA.

  8. I considered a Triumph America, for about five minutes, then remembered how frustrated I was on the V Star

  9. I considered a Triumph America, for about five minutes, then remembered how frustrated I was on the V Star

  10. Is there an echo in this website?

  11. Is there an echo in this website?
    No it’s just twice as good.

  12. Geez Bobby not a cruiser!! Like Nige says, get an SOM (But keep the Busa) Now Moey, where do we meet and when do we leave? I’ve been working every day sorting out our eldest girls wedding at our place so haven’t been anywhere on the muscle bike yet. Might even dust off the earmolds for some glorious tunes on the way.

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