Put That in the Report Lucky. January 2021

Lucky woke early to the sound of rain and gurgling downpipes.

“Gee I hope Nige is ok and doesn’t yell at us all about the the weather” were his initial thoughts but these were soon forgotten when he remembered he’d voted himself in as ride leader with no opposition at all. Proud as punch he headed out to Jerrys to wait for the others: Nige, Moey, Boris, and David to arrive. Coffee and whatnot as usual and the service was excellent.

Nige saving Lucky’s order until Paris brings it to him. He’s good like that.


By the time everyone had arrived the skies had pretty much cleared and they stayed that way for the next three days of our trip to Bathurst and south to Goulburn.

The ride up to Bathurst was the usual except an exhuberant Nige kept seeing and thinking of “interesting” things to say and see.

“Put that in the ride report Lucky. That’s unforgettable” But both he and Lucky had forgotten whatever it was despite there being hundreds of them. The only upset was when Boris suggested we have coffees after lunch at the pub in Denman. We all glanced alarmingly at the angry man but, apart from a few grumbles under his breath and blaming the whole “debacle’ on Lucky’s ineffective ride leading, “You should overrule that Coffee suggestion because it will delay our departure “For F#@Ks sake, seriously?” he remained relatively passive. The coffee was splendid and tasted just a bit tastier after that.

Arriving in Bathurst at a decent hour, thanks to Lucky’s quality leading, we all sat for the millionth time in the bar at the Knickerbocker.

“Excellent ride leading as usual Lucky” said Boris with very little prompting.

“I’ve never felt safer or more elated old boy” There was more like that but people just stopped listening.

Now this was going to be the last time that Moey brought Young Rex, his cloned ZRX1200 of Old Rex (Old Sir Fallapart), and he was quietly emotional about that but remained stoic throughout the three days.

Rooms were allocated and showers taken then a quiet dinner in the bistro. Nobody misbehaved which was unusual and Nige lost money on the Keno which was not. Nevertheless a number of beers and a few Gallianos and off to bed.

An early getup saw Boris Nige, and Lucky out for a walk before coffees and meeting up with Moey and David for breakfast. Sadly Eva had been replaced as she has become very ill and is not expected to return as our breakfast host. The new lady whose name we did not ask cooked a great breakfast though and we swore we wouldn’t need any more that day. As if.

We headed south down Abercrombie Rd and only briefly briefly stopped in Taralga to stretch a bit.

Young Rex now lives up Tamworth way we hear.

There was little to no cars on the road and we made swift progress into Goulburn. Instead of eating at the Paradigm or whatever cafe, we went round the corner to a small cafe recommended by Boris who had eaten there with Mrs Boris a number of times earlier. We were given a private room where our voices wouldn’t carry to the more genteel diners and the food was every bit as good as Boris had said. Most of us had a pie or sausage roll but they were made on premises we think and were pretty happy with that.

Separated from the herd.

We came home via Crookwell this time at the recommendation of Nige who was supported by a couple of old boilers at the cafe. We didn’t expect much so were pleasantly surprised at how good this new road was. Apart from when Lucky rode past a well hidden sign to turn right which meant circling back about 50metres, the ride was fast and smooth and we were back in Bathurst by 5. There was more beer for most and Sugar Free Coke for Nige and dinner was, for the most part, delightful. Moey and Boris ate healthy whilst David, Lucky, and Nige had the chicken wings. Two of them had BBQ sauce which was delicious whilst Nige opted for the spicy alternative. We all clearly remembered Nige’s losing battle with indigestion that time at Denman with a spicy chicken burger so we were keen to see how he handled this stuff. Not well.

“Swap me some of yours, youse two” he repeatedly demanded between tears.

“No chance Hotty Hotface!!” squealed Lucky. “I wanna see blisters”

“This is what hell will be like for you and all other sinners if you don’t repent” added David with a slight smirk that nobody missed.

“Oh DD, why have you forsaken me.” pleaded Nige. Well maybe he didn’t say tha but that would have been funny and Lucky could have “put that in the report” if he had.


Nige struggling whilst Boris shows limited concern bordering on good humoured guffawing.

Sooo anyway after dinner we decided to go find ice cream like real 99% ers. We all ordered standard waffle cones but Nige (of course) decided on the apple pie and ice cream combo. So he stood, pushed aside by the friendly counter-staff and waited, and waited, and waited, eventually getting it about 15 minutes later. By the time he joined us we had finished so launched ourselves, especially Lucky, at his dessert. It was good, real good.

Behind that happy exterior lay a broken man. He was so grateful when we helped him eat that.

Off to bed and up early for yet another walk and coffees. Neither David nor Moey were waiting for us at the alternate breakfast time of 8 which was unusual. There was some confusion as neither of them remembered the clearly stated new time and thought 8.30 was it. David had wandered down anyway by about quarter past and Moey followed him after an urgent phone call a few minutes later. All was well and we enjoyed another big breakfast like the day before and just as good.

Boris had been talking about riding to Hill End and home via Bells Line but Moey offered to organise the next ride out that way anyway and threw in Mudgee as a sweetener. So he headed out Bells line and went straight home. Meanwhile, and remembering today was double demerits, Lucky led out at speeds that would probably not draw much attention from the gentlemen but had to be oft reminded to steady up from his good friend Nige. Moey headed off a bit earlier because his rear tyre was looking very ordinary so that left three. David peeled off at Broke so that left two back at Jerrys. David then turned up a little while later at Jerrys. It was good.



2 Responses to “Put That in the Report Lucky. January 2021”

  1. I’m pretty darn rootin’ tootin’ sure that NONE of the things that I said to include in the ride report actually made it into this ride report …..
    Maybe there is a more accurater and more gooderer report still to be filed?

    Well done Lucky. A great report and an even better ride leader. ‘Lucky for President’ do I hear from the masses?

  2. Always a good ride even without the traditional Mt Pananoid lap of honour. Me thinks Nige’s memory might be going the same way as his waist line as all your scribed quotes are 99% accurate. You are our Hansard. A good ride and the next… even gooderer??

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