Decision made!

Sell the Storm, trade the Storm, keep the Storm, keep the Storm and buy a KLunkeR, trade the Storm in on a Cruiser but not a Harley (never a Harley), sell the Storm and buy a Blade, buy a Blade then rent a cruiser to chase a KLunkeR blah blah blah. With 50,000 km on the Storm and the obligatory offer of $4000 trade in, Ant bought himself a new XJR1300 muscle bike. It’s a beauty all dressed in black and sounds very nice with a Scorpion slip-on. Good to see he didn’t go down the cruiser path. “How do you feel on the bike” he was asked in a recent interview. “Majestic” he replied and I think that says it all.



2 Responses to “Decision made!”

  1. Nice one Ant and the perfect colour. It must be nice to finally be able to sit more upright but what’s the go with the sponsored plates? Did AGL put up the readies? 😉

  2. You can go hard with a ‘muscle bike’……. I do.
    Arhhhhh two shockies ooow ahhhh!
    Nice one Ant

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