Holiday Ride July 2012

A holiday ride is being proposed during the second week of the upcoming school holidays.

Expressions of interest are being sought as well as any routes/destinations that may be considered.

Leave a comment here or message me.

4 Responses to “Holiday Ride July 2012”

  1. I’m both keen & available for a ride in the second week of the hols – no ideas …yet, will get the maps out.

  2. Knot shore watt eye will bee doing, butt will keep an I on proceedings.

  3. Could be interested in an overnighter if Mon, Tues, Wed….. booked up otherwise. Best to avoid the Great Dividing Range ….. cold, frosty, icy….

  4. Long overdue for a good trip, but would prefer at least one of the weekend days, thur,fri, sat, or sun, mon, tues, so I dont lose to much time off work but what ever is decided, I,m there

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